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Please check back regularly to find out when the School Games Day 2017 will be!


At Minet we held a competition to make a sports poster. We had a fantastic response by many children and I am pleased to announce the winners are: 


Istihaq  4J



Salimah  4J 



Results 2016-2017



Minet played their first Football match on Wednesday 14th September against Charville. The boys played excellently and WON 3-2. 

Massive congratulations to the team, we look forward to hearing more results like this in the future. 


Minet boys played against Dr Triplets on Wednesday 21st September. After a hard fought game the boys won 2-1!! Another win, we look forward to more success next week!


On Wednesday 12th October the boys won against Guru Nanak Academy- this was there third victory this term. 


In even more exciting news the boys WON AGAIN! On Wedneday 19th October the football team beat William Byrd 4-2!


The boys have made it through to the Borough finals!! We are very proud and we know you will succeed no matter what. 



On the 24th February 2017 the boys football team won the Borough championships, which means that the boys team are now off to the London Mini Youth Games. 

This is a fantastic acheivement and we cannot believe that our boys won. The whole school is wishing you the best of luck for June. 


A big congratulations to the boys who represented Hillingdon Borough on the 22nd March. You did us and the whole Borough proud!!





The girls Netball team has started again, the club will run every Thursday after school. See Miss Elderfield if you would like to join. 


Well done to the girls who competed in the friendly matches at Hayes Park in October, we look forward to the competitions starting in January!

Unfortunately, due to weather and unforeseen circumstances netball tournaments were cancelled but Netball club will start again after SATS. 



Minet made it through to the Borough finals of the cross country in fantastic form. We could not be more proud of the boys and girl who competed! The good news does not stop there... Monday 11th October we had our Cross Country team out in the Hillingdon Sports and Leisure complex competing with some of the top schools in the Hillingdon Borough. Our children faced 13 other schools! Amazingly, Sumaiya from 6H came in first place overall! Ebeneezer also from 6H came in first place in the boys race! Congratulations to them!!


The rest of the team also came in the top 50. Our boys competed against 104 other children, while our girls competed against 76. As an overall team score our girls and boys didn't make the top 5 but they were really happy to qualify for the Cross country final. I must say I am so extremely proud of our Minet Cross Country team as they gave it their all and for being the first time out there in the finals, it was a huge game changer for them. WELL DONE!



On Friday 24th March we select three teams (A,B and C) to represent Minet in the Hayes and Harlington swimming gala. 



Please come back to see the results and fixtures for the cricket competitions in Summer Term. 



Please come back to see the results and fixtures for the Athletics competitions in Summer Term



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