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Creative Curriculum

Vision and Aims

At Minet Junior School, we aim to provide all our pupils with a broad, balanced, relevant and meaningful curriculum that develops a wide range of skills, knowledge and understanding. We believe that providing ‘real life’ opportunities and experiences will motivate, excite and engage our pupils, as well as promote a life-long love of learning that will enable them to become independent thinkers and responsible citizens of the future. Furthermore, we feel pupils learn best when they immerse themselves in deep learning that inspires curiosity, promotes innovation, individuality and creativity.

Underpinning our vision and aims for the Creative Curriculum are the school’s six core values - the 6Rs – which all our pupils are expected to abide by:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Ready to learn
  • Reflectiveness


Each term, year groups immerse themselves in exciting topics, focusing on a key enquiry question. Below is an overview of those:


Year group

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


The Stone Age


Why is it difficult to know why Stonehenge was built?


Here the children will travel through the prehistory of Britain and create intricate cave paintings.

The Romans


Was Roman Britannia more diverse than Modern Britain?


This term will look into the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain and we will be making beautiful Roman mosaics. In addition, they will be making delicious Roman bread!

The Vikings


How should we remember the Vikings?


A look into the Vikings and how they were feared by many! Year 5 will also make model Viking long boats as well as recreating Viking oatcakes!


World War 2


Why do we still remember the Second World War?


Year 6 will study WW2 and its impact on Britain as well as creating silhouettes of a Blitz scene.

In addition, they will be making honey cakes using rationed food from the war.


Brilliant Britain


How much has Hayes changed?


A look into what makes our town unique and its history. Year 3 will do lots of map based work and also look at the impact of King Henry VIII’s rule. They will develop their artwork through landscape sketches and create textiles that represent counties in DT.



What are the impacts of climate change and how can we act on it?


This topic is very relevant to today’s society. Here, the children will study different types of weather patterns as well as recent trends in extreme weather and investigating how we can make a difference.



Who deserves to be remembered more, Shackleton or Columbus?


This term, Year 5 will look at famous explorers and relive their harrowing journeys. In DT, they will make supply boxes fit for an explorer and in art they will create beautiful mountain scenery.

The Victorians


Was the Industrial Revolution a significant turning point in British history?


Here, they will learn about the Victorians in Britain and recreate famous paintings using Pointillism. In DT, they will look at the work of Brunel and create bridges.


Ancient Egypt


How important was the Nile in changing Ancient Egypt?


Year 3 will look at the importance of the River Nile on Ancient Egypt and make Canopic jars using clay.

The Anglo-Saxons


What effects did the invasion and settlement of Anglo-Saxon people have on the culture and history of England?


Here, we will look at the Anglo-Saxon settlements in Britain and make their own weapons fit for battle.

The Greeks


What have the Greeks ever done for us?


Year 5 will study the Greeks and how some of their structures are still relevant today. In art, they will be creating vases out of clay and in DT they will make Olympic torches.

The Mayans


What caused the Maya to decline?


In this topic, the pupils will study the ancient Mayan civilisation. They will delve into fabric painting in art and create eye-catching headdresses in DT for a special occasion.

Trips and visits

Chiltern Open Air Museum


The Zoo – linking to science

The Romans – Ufton Court


The Anglo-Saxons workshop

Viking workshop


Winchester Science Museum


British Museum.

Secret Nuclear Bunker in Uxbridge


Junior Citizen trip at Brunel linking to PSHE


Within our topics, each year group will look at texts from the Power of Reading scheme which will enhance their learning experience. These texts will link to the topics and the children will develop their reading and literacy skills as well as extend their understanding of each topic.

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