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Play Scripts 

Year 5 have been learning all about play scripts. Firstly, we read a variety of play scripts and looked for language and structural features. We discussed the features and considered why each feature was so important. Next, the children were given a section of  a Greek Myth and were taught how to use these features to turn the myth into a play script. Each class had great fun performing scenes from 'Odysseus and the Cyclops' before writing their own play scripts. 






Rehearsing our Greek Myths.

              Learning about Ernest Shackleton in Year 5 

During lockdown, our  Year 5 pupils learnt about the famous explorer, Ernest Shackleton and his famous expeditions to reach  the South Pole. Throughout this topic the children studied the key features of a variety of genres. They wrote biographies about Shackleton's life and work and included key dates and events. The children also learnt about persuasive writing and wrote letters to apply for a position of employment to accompany Shackleton on his famous Trans- Antarctic Expedition on the Endurance. 

Once aboard, the children kept a diary of the key events that took place which culminated in Shackleton rescuing all his crew from Elephant Island. The children's wonderful writing is currently displayed in the Year 5 corridor. 

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