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Parent Parking Pledge


Dear Parents / Carers,


Will you make the Parent Parking Pledge?


Minet Junior School is asking you to consider making the Parent Parking Pledge, a scheme developed by the London Borough of Hillingdon, in an effort to manage congestion and improve safety near the school at busy times.


The idea is simple, in return for making the pledge and agreeing to follow some basic principles set out below, your car can carry a sticker that tells the world you are doing your bit to make a difference.


The Hillingdon-wide principles are:


• I agree to help my child / children travel actively at least once a week

• I agree to drive with consideration for others

• I agree to park away from the school gates

• I agree to never block a driveway

• I agree to turn off my engine when parked


If you are happy to make this Parent Parking Pledge, it would be great if you could complete the form by clicking here.  Once received, you will be given a car sticker to show others your commitment to health and safety.


Thank you for your continued support.



Yours sincerely,


Mrs K Ryan


Minet Junior School

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