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Year 5’s Viking Day

On Tuesday 10th September, Year 5 had an exciting workshop related to their new topic of the Vikings.
We all dressed up as Viking warriors and had a Viking visitor come in to share his expertise.
In the morning, we explored the origins of the Vikings from Sweden, Denmark and Norway; and discovered countries where they settled such as Britain, Iceland, Russia and even as far as North America.

After that, we split up into our classes for a carousel of activities including a quiz to test our new found expertise, a session about Viking artefacts and we also played a traditional board game.
In the afternoon, Erik, our Viking guide, demonstrated authentic weaponry including a range of arrows, a sword, shield and a spear as well as armoury such as chainmail. We were all allowed to touch the hilt of a real Viking sword, under supervision, which was very exciting!
We then split into 2 groups and went head to head in Viking spear wrestling! This was used in training warriors. Two people sit opposite each other, knees bent with the soles of their feet touching, both holding on to a wooden baton (or spear in those days). On the word go, they then have to pull and whoever is left holding the baton is the victor.
Finally, we got into battle formations and learned some Norse, the language of the Vikings, to finish off our day.
Following on from the Viking workshop, Year 5 are now very keen to delve deeper into this fascinating period of British history.
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