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Reading Around the Solar System

In an effort to encourage the children to read regularly at home we run a ‘Reading around the Solar System’ scheme in school.


How does it work?

It’s very simple and easy to do! The children will start their reading on planet Earth. They will have  (with their reading record) a card for Planet Earth with 10 planets on it. Each day, when your child reads aloud to yourself (or the adult they have read to) you sign your initials over the planet and date it. When the child has filled up all 10 planets (i.e. read for 10 days aloud to yourself or an adult) they get to take off to the next planet and read again for 10 days.


What about the Reading Record Books?

At the moment the children bring home Reading Record Books to record the books they are reading. They can still be used but you don’t need to write a comment in the book. At this stage the children can record the book they are reading and the pages they have read themselves along with a brief summary of what they’ve read. So all you have to do is listen to them read, talk about what they have read, and sign the planet. If you wish to contact us about your child’s reading please write a note and ask your child to hand it in during registration, or you are welcome to see us after school.


Why the new system and will it work?

This is the key question. Over the past few years, it has been found to be a great way to encourage the children to read regularly at home. In addition we hope it will relieve you from the chore of writing in your child’s books every night and instead place it upon them to reflect on what they’ve read. However this will only work if we follow the very simple guidelines.

  • Please do not sign a card if your child has not read to you. They may move around the Solar System but it doesn’t help your child in any way.
  • A rocket can only be signed once a day. It is fantastic to read more, but please only sign once.
  • Only sign when your child has read aloud from their school reading book.



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