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 Properties and Changes of Materials

This term children are developing their conceptual knowledge and understanding of ‘Properties and changes of Materials’. They have learnt how different mixtures of solids might be separated.

  Last week, they have learnt that certain solids dissolve while others do not, and discussed how these dissolved solids might be retrieved from a mixture. Conducting a variety of experiments in class, the children have also explored how the rate at which solids dissolve can vary, investigating variables that might make a difference. They have then tested a variety of solids (solutes) and identified those that dissolve and those that do not. Some have also investigated a variety of solvents and the saturation point of dissolved solids in water.

 The children have used their knowledge of mixtures and solutions in solving a number of real world-based enquiries, which require them to apply their growing subject knowledge to an unusual context. Children used specific scientific vocabulary as they described, explained and communicated their understanding of materials, succinctly and in ways appropriate to a science context.

When working scientifically, children have developed their skills to plan different types of enquiries to answer questions, recognising  and controlling variables where necessary. They have learnt to use a range of science equipment with increasing accuracy and precision, and to use a variety of ways to report and present their findings.


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