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Tirzah Bagnulo

My name is Tirzah Bagnulo. I am currently a member of the governing body of Minet Junior School and am currently holding the role of Chair for the board.

I was born in Philippines and grew up in South East Asia for the first 16 years of my life. I then spent 4 years in Europe travelling and finishing my studies. I also spent 8 years working in Africa, Malawi, Teaching in schools as well as doing AID work, building and running an NGO to support children and women who had either been orphaned or widowed by disease or AIDS.


I am a Primary school teacher and was a classroom teacher and school leader for 15 years. For the last 9 years I have worked as an advisor for quality teaching and inclusive education models across the schools in Hillingdon, which has taught me so much about the rich and diverse communities we have across our borough.


I am a Mum of three young adults, two daughters and a son, who have all left school and University now and are moving into their career and adult lives. We all live together in our home in Shepperton, Surrey and we have lived in England since 2003. I have been a Chair of Governors at the school my children when to in their primary years for 10 years now. I have supported the school through three very successful OFSTED inspections, a successful federation and many changes to building works and staffing structures as well as embedding radical, new, vibrant and person-centred teaching models that have taken that school community from strength to strength.


I have become involved as a governor with Minet as I am passionate about children's learning and each and every child achieving their highest potential and reaching each and every intended outcome, that will enable them to be the most successful adult they can be. I know that Minet is committed to these aims as well and I am enjoying supporting the leadership of the school to move the school into an even stronger and more vibrant learning environment for each and every one of your children. I aim to support the school in developing a strong, engaged and strategic governing board that will enable our school to provide the person -centred, vibrant, meaningful, creative and challenging curriculum and learning platform it strives for.


I look forward to working alongside each and every one of the staff and parents of Minet in supporting each and every child to thrive.


Tirzah Bagnulo

Chair of Governors

Minet Junior School

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