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GROW – A project for Women who wish to return to work and gain new skills.

Grow is a project that helps women recognise their skills and abilities, and what they want to change about their lives.

Grow encourages women to take small steps, getting them back on the ladder again to gain employability. This could be through a qualification or organising work experience. Every session helps build confidence,  enhance skills and helps motivate women to take control and consider moving back into work.  Each session has a detailed plan for the facilitator and materials and activities for the group.

Group sessions are successful sessions as parents feel better able to discuss their issues when they are with others in the same situation. Every session reduces isolation and helps to build confidence, because parents realise they are not alone and with a skilled and trained facilitator they begin to talk through their real and sometimes perceived barriers. Group work is beneficial to advisers as they have far more time with parents and get to know them, and so the help they offer is more appropriate and personalised.

Our first group has just finished, so if you are interested in attending our next group, please give your name and phone number to Mrs Taylorr.

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