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Please attempt to complete each challenge as best you can. All of our challenges have been designed to be able to be completed at home or outdoor space. Feel free to adapt or change any of the challenges to suit your needs. Always attempt to beat your top score/personal best score if you feel like you can. Be creative with the equipment you use and make sure the following SAFE principles are followed. If there are any elements of the challenges you are not sure about for example what a burpee looks like simply google the word and you should be able to find an example.
S = Make sure it is SAFE to complete (be aware of your surroundings).
A = ADAPT the challenges to ensure they are appropriate for you.
F = Make the challenges FUN!
E = ENGAGE with other members your family to complete the challenges.

YEAR 5 Morning challenge Simplify (-) / Progress (+) Afternoon challenge Simplify (-) / Progress (+)
MONDAY Using your hands only,
how many times can you
keep a ball or rolled up
pair of socks in the air
without dropping
-= Use a larger ball or
balloon and/or allow one
bounce between hits.
+ = Use alternate hands to
hit the ball/socks in the air
++ = use the palm and
back of your hand to hit
the ball/socks
+++ = Add in a second
ball/socks and keep both
in the air.
How many burpees can you
complete in one minute?
Search burpee exercise in
-= Remove the press-up section of
the burpee.
+ = Jump and stretch as high as
you can when moving into the
standing position.
++ = Add in a star shape when
TUESDAY How many air punches
can you complete in
one minute standing on
the spot?
-= Reduce the amount of
time to complete the
+ Can you move around
while completing the air
++ = Can you add in
different punches (hooks,
uppercuts and jabs)
How many squats can you
complete in one minute?
Make sure your legs squat
down to a right angle (90
-= Reduce the amount of time to
complete the challenge.
+ jump in between squats.
WEDNESDAY How many press-ups
can you complete in 30
Trying not to stop
between press-ups.
-= Complete press-ups on
your knees.
+ = Extend the time to 45
With a partner can you throw
and catch two objects at the
same time?
Tip – one person throws over
and the other throws under.
-= Move closer together and use
larger/easier objects to catch.
+ = Move further apart from your
partner and use smaller/harder
objects to catch
++ = Stand on one leg when
throwing and catching.
THURSDAY Standing on one leg
how many times can
you jump from one foot
to one foot (the same
foot) around a square
split into four quarters
in 30 seconds.
Don’t forget to change
legs and try on both
-= Perform two footed
jumps instead of one foot
to one foot.
+ = Jump from on foot to
the same foot backwards.
Using a ball/socks how many
times can you complete the
fish and chips challenge
without dropping it.
Fish and chips: fish palm of
your hand and chips back of
you hand. You must flip your
hand over after each hit.
-= Use one side of your hand only
+ = Stand on one leg while
perform the fish and chips
++ = Balance an object on your
head while performing the fish
and chips challenge.
FRIDAY Using a wall and bouncy
ball how many time can
you bounce the ball
onto the floor to hit the
wall and catch it in one
-= Throw and catch the
ball against the wall
remove the bounce on
the floor first.
+ = Stand on one leg to
throw and catch.
++ = Use one hand to
catch and alternate
Create a simple track/obstacle
course. Blindfold a partner and
talk them through each section of
the obstacle course to see if they
can complete it.
Tip – talk slowly and with as much
detail as possible e.g. take one
small step forwards, turn a
quarter of a circle to your right.
-= Remove the blindfolds and
complete the task without
+ Only communicate with
sounds not words e.g claps,
whistles, sounds etc.


YEAR 5 Morning challenge Simplify ( (--) /
progress (+)
Simplify (--) /
progress (+)
MONDAY Can you balance a pair of
socks on your foot, flick them
up and catch them? How many
times can you do this in a
(--) Just use your favourite
(+) Use your weaker foot, and
include a spin before catching
the socks.
Spread 6 bottles/ or teddys
around a space, and from a
start position try and roll a
ball/socks to knock the bottles
over one by one always
returning to start position
until all bottle have been hit.
Time how long it takes to
knock all 6 bottles over.
(--) Use a bigger ball. Try bowling
from knees.
(+) Increase distance of bottles,
and try bowling from standing
position. Can you beat your
previous time?
TUESDAY Can you hop over a broom
How many can you do in 40
(--) Reduce the time to 25
(+) Produce a one leg squat
when landing.
Using 2 pairs of rolled up socks,
can you place these objects
roughly 10m apart. Can you hop
from one object to the other 4
times in 45 seconds?
(--) Reduce the distance between
the objects to 5m.
(+) Can you balance an object (a
shoe or rolled up pair of socks)
whilst hopping?
WEDNESDAY How quickly can you touch
every door in your house whilst
balancing an object (e.g. pair
of rolled up socks) on the back
of your hand?
(--) Balance the object on the
front of your hand.
(+) Balance the object on your
shoulder or head. If it falls to
ground, add 5 second penalty!
Using a bucket on its side as a
target, use a broom and tennis
ball and see how many times you
can hit the ball into the bucket.
How many can you get in 1
(--) You can roll the ball using
your hand instead of the broom.
(+) Increase the distance each
time, and try from different
THURSDAY Using a balloon and rolled up
socks. Can you hit the balloon in
the air, collect the socks and
get back to the balloon before it
hits the floor?
(--) Make the distance to the
socks closer.
(+) Increase distance to socks.
Using 2 balloons, how long can
you keep the balloons off of the
ground by hitting them with your
(--) Use 1
(+) Use different parts of hand or
different parts of your body.
FRIDAY How many squats can you do in
45 seconds?
Keep feet shoulder width apart,
back straight, knees are 90
degrees and the bottom of
squat, and in line with toes.
(--) Reduce the time to 35
(+) Can you produce a jump
after the squat?
Using chalk can you create a
target on the floor or wall
outside, choose a suitable
distance and ball, and see how
many times can you hit the target
in 1 minute?
(--) Increase size of the
(+) Increase distance from
target, and try using weaker
hand or foot.
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