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Year 6

French Poems

 In French, the children wrote poems about the beach and seaside. The images show excellent examples of work. 


Healthy Eating Workshop



With the school nurse, each Year 6 class completed a Healthy Eating workshop. In the workshop, the children were reminded of the types of food groups that there are and how much of each food group they should be eating daily. Children had a good knowledge of the food groups and were aware of the sugary food they are putting in their bodies. As an activity, the children were giving bottles of oil and sugar and had to match them to some types of food packaging; they were shocked at the amount of sugar in chocolate.


On the Change4lifewebsite, there is an app that can be downloaded to scan barcodes which will then show how many cubes of sugar are in that product.


Music Workshop 

On Wednesday 23rd June, Collective 31 Music workshop came into school to work with our Year 6s. The children were first introduced to the key vocabulary for music (Tempo and Dynamics) before later being introduced to the words for change of speed or volume. Throughout the session the teachers performed music for the children to recognise different examples of changing dynamics and tempo. In groups, with one child conducting, the children then made music using their bodies and created a piece of music representing a type of weather. The children really enjoyed the sessions and loved watching the teachers play for them.



Transport for London

On Wednesday 9th June, children in Year 6 were given a virtual workshop by Transport for Lonodn in preparation for their transition to high school. Delivered by a member of TfL, the children were taught how to keep safe whilst travelling.

They learnt about:

  • The importance of staying safe on the underground and the dangers of the wires and standing too close to the edge
  • How to cycle safely on the road and the correct protective gear to wear.
  • What a ZIP oyster card is and how to apply for one.
  • What a ‘safe stranger’ is and examples of some (eg. Staff in a shop in uniform)

The session was very informative and ended with setting a task for the children to go home and use the TfL journey planner to plan their journey to high school.

Support for when using public transport

“I learnt to stay the equivalent of my height and a step back from the edge of the road.”

“Train wires are 6000 volts so we must be careful around them.”

“I know not to have my headphones in whilst crossing the road.”

“I enjoyed it because it taught me how to stay safe on public transport.”


To contact the British Transport Police - text 61016

This is a number that people on public transport can text if they ever need help whilst on public transport. 



Crime Workshop

On Tuesday 8th June 2021, the children in Year 6 were visited by Shreena from – an organisation that values nurtured conversations and creating open minded children. This year, Year 6 completed the hate crime workshop. At the start, the children were introduced to the topic of ‘hate’ and what a hate crime is – this then led into a conversation about race/racism and a prejudice based on the colour of someone’s skin. Through a range of games and activities, the children were able to think about key questions and hear of examples in history of prejudice and racism (Cowboys vs Indians and King James I’s ignorance of witches). The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and when asked about the workshop the children said :


'We learnt to include others and not leave them out'


'I learnt we shouldn't judge people before getting to know them'


'A smile is infectious'


‘There were lots of questions that made us think’





Creating a Miptor

Continuing on with our study of ‘The Arrival’, Year 6 looked at the travelling companion that each refugee receives in their new home. The children researched different features of animals and created their own unknown creature which they then wrote a non-chronological report about.


The Arrival

This term, in Literacy and Guided Reading, Year 6 have been studying a picture book: The Arrival by Shaun Tan.


The story illustrates the journey of a father who has to leave his wife and daughter to go and live in another  country in search of a better life for him and his family. The book encouraged the children to generate their  own narratives as they focus on the details within the images. Through discussion, research and philosophical  questions, the children have already learnt lots about refugees and the perilous journeys taken by some to find a sanctuary for their families. On returning to school, the children looked at the first page of images from the book and created poems.




The Circulatory System


Over the Easter Holidays, in preparation for their next Science topic, the children were given a homework task to research the human body and to find out about the heart and the circulatory system. Across the year group there was a range of work completed, varying from models and sculptures to detailed diagrams. This information will help the children as they learn more about the circulatory system and how it works.






World War 2


Whilst completing remote learning, Year 6 were learning about World War Two; they: read Goodnight Mister Tom, learnt about Anne Frank, discovered the way children and adults lived during the war and created their own propaganda posters. Since returning to school, the children have had the chance to develop their sculpture skills and have been studying the artist Henry Moore. Looking at the planning sketches he did, the children were able to create similar sketches using wax crayons and water colours (like during the war) before planning and making their own 3D sculptures in the style of Henry Moore.







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