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Times Tables

Times tables and Fluency 


The ability to fully understand multiplication and have fluency and instant recall will boost your child’s confidence in the subject.

As a child becomes faster at recalling multiplications of 2 -12, they will be able to solve more complex maths in much less time. This is because the core understanding has already been established. They will exercise this skill like second nature, enabling them to focus on the more difficult aspects of the task.


Many children can find learning their times tables challenging; it requires a high level of both patience and dedication. Supporting your child through their education, using encouragement and praise, allows them to feel confident in their educational journey, helping them to excel in the subject.

The quality of praise is fundamental when motivating your child to learn something new; a good example being prioritising the effort rather than the final task.



Useful Times tables websites:

Help for Parents to support children with recall

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