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Year 3

Dentist Visit


Last week, Year 3 had a very exciting and interesting visit from a dentist. The children learnt about how much sugar they should have in their diet as well as measured sugars in different foods. They were shown brushing techniques and had the chance to practice this on the dentist's teeth model.  Remember that all children are entitle to free dental care under the NHS, please ensure that you are all visiting the dentist at least once a year for a check up. 

Dentist Visit

Brilliant Britain

This week, year 3 enjoyed dressing up as members of the royal family. We had kings, queens and even knights in shining armour visit our classrooms. The children spent the day learning about the British Monarch, decorating their reading corners and creating a vocabulary wall. We look forward to reading their non-chronologic reports about the Queen next week. Here are some pictures from our day.


Creative Curriculum


This term year 3 have been learning about the history of Britain and their local area of Hayes. The children have enjoyed learning about the different jobs that are available to them in the area and discussing what aspirations they have for the future. The children have also been using a variety of maps to help them understand where they live in the world, in the UK and in England. They enjoyed comparing maps of Hayes from the 1900s to the present date and observing how Hayes has grown over the years. 

Brilliant Britain



This term year 3's science topic is light. The children have been learning about the different types of light sources and understanding that there is a mixture of natural and electronic light. They have enjoyed learning about how shadows are formed and how they may change depending on the direction of the light or the distance between the object and the light source. Year 3 have also been classifying materials into different groups such as opaque, translucent and transparent. 

Year 3 have been very good at sharing the ways in which they can protect themselves against light from the sun and have made posters to inform others. 

Autumn Term


Year 3s Trip to St. Anselm Church 


On Tuesday 7th December, Year 3 visited St. Anselm Church. We decided to visit a church as it linked to our topic of Christianity. We took a nice walk through Hayes Town and arrived at the church 10am. When we arrived, we were greeted by Father Matthew. He was very excited to see us. He showed us round the church and explained why Christmas is a very important time for Christians. We are looking forward to visiting other places of worship in the future. 

St. Anselm Church



This week, we have be recapping our place value facts. One of our activities involved representing a three-digit number using a range of resources. Take a look below ! I wonder if you could create some more at home and bring them in to show your teachers.

Representing three-digit numbers using a range of resources.

Year 3's Science Experiment 


This term, year 3 have been learning about soil and decomposing. Today, we placed soil and other materials into a tray. We made a prediction about what we thought would happen to these materials over time. We are going to have a look next week and post another picture - so make sure you come back soon !


Rayan 3D: I had a mud-vellous lesson

Anthony 3D: I had a great time collecting the mud. 

Manha 3D: This has been one of the best lessons ever!

Ragavy 3D: I predict that the scissors will start to rust. 

Tharika 3D: I predict  that the banana peel will start to rot. 



Tray of Decomposing Materials

One Week Later ...


This week, we went back to observe any changes in our decomposing tray. Some of the changes we expected, some of the changes were a surprise.


Haifa 3D : The orange peel has gone hard and started to curl up. 

Abdulrahim 3D : The banana has changed from yellow to a dark brown colour. 

Hudson 3D : The scissors, chalk and plastic counters haven't changed at all!

Nadia 3D : I was surprised to see little stems growing from the soil! 

Children from 3D observing their decomposing materials

Two Weeks Later ... 


Chaimaa 3D: Became very thin, black and crispy. 

Tharika 3D : The orange peel is very hard now and it has changed to a dark orange colour.

Thasmika 3D: There is still no change with the chalk, (brand new) scissors and plastic counter.


Science Experiment Week 3

Stone Age

This term, year 3 have been learning about the Stone Age. Here are some of the key texts and stories we have been reading in class. We used this to help the write for a range of genres including a set of instructions, a narrative and a non-chronological report. 

Year 3 Stone Age Books



Reading is a very important part of school and home learning. To encourage children to read a range of different books, together we decorated our reading corner to make us feel as though we were reading inside a Stone Age cave. 

Stone Age Reading Corner

Living in the Stone Age 


This term, we have time travelled back to the Stone Age and reenacted a day as a hunter gather. The children learnt about foods that would have been available in England at that time and understood that certain food availability varied through the year due to changes in the weather. 


The children told their stories of living in the Stone Age through the use of cave paintings. 

Cave Paintings and Hunter Gatherers

Remembrance Day 


This week, the children have attended a Remembrance day assembly to remind them of why we celebrate the 11/11 each year. The children in 3O created a wonderful banner to promote the selling of poppies for the British Legion Charity.

Remembrance Day Banner

Religious Education


Last term, the children were learning about Hinduism. In preparation for Diwali the children in 3OL created beautiful firework displays to represent the festival of light and 3D designed their own Rangoli patterns. Here are just some of our favourites. 

Rangoli Patterns and Firework Displays

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