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Year 3

Earth and Us

Last week, the children had a special visitor arrive from Earth and Us. The purpose of the visit was to help teach the children about the positive changes we could make to our daily lives to help protect our planet and it’s wildlife for the future. The children were very proud, when sharing all of the wonderful ways they are already contributing, for example recycling their plastic bottles.

Religious Education 


During the Easter festival, the children learnt all about the different ways in which Easter is celebrated. This included learning about the Holy Week for Christians and the significance of Easter Sunday. The children discussed what time of the year Easter is celebrated and its relevance to new life. Year 3 created their very own Easter nests to represent Spring and the glories of new life. Each nest was hand-made using shredded paper, it was then moulded and decorated with a few mini eggs, several Easter chicks and a sprinkle of love.


Here are some of the nests made by the children.

Egyptian Art 


Year 3 have been showing their artistic flare during the creation of a pharaoh mask. Students used a range of different art  mediums  such as acrylic  paints, oil and material to produce a regal Egyptian pharaoh. Students  really enjoyed creating their own pattern for an intricate jewellery piece for the Pharaoh.




Pop -Up Books


This term we created pop up books. We were inspired by our story There's a Pharaoh in our Bath and created our own pop up book based on this. We wrote a character description of the main character, Sennapod. We also wrote a setting description of the museum from the book. We then created a pop up at the back of the book with Sennapod sitting on his armchair throne. Finally we created a cover for our own book and made sure we put our own names as the authors.

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