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Year 3



This term, the children have enjoyed reading the story ‘Secrets of a Sun King’ this links perfectly with our history topic of Ancient Egypt. The children have been stepping into character and writing diary entries from the perspective of one of the main characters Grandad. Please enjoy reading an example of this below. 

Design Technology


In Design Technology this term, the children have been learning about pneumatics. Pneumatic is how air pressure powers and moves something. The children designed and created their own moving monsters using an air syringe. Here are some of their designs below.



During our topic of plants, the children learnt about what a plant needs in order to grow healthily. They carried out experiments to see what happened when they environments changed.

Image 1 – Was placed in a warm and bright environment

Image 2 – Was placed in a dark cupboard

Image 3 – Was placed in a cold fridge

Science Continued – Water Transportation Stream


To better understand how water is transported through a plant the children carried out an experiment. They added food colouring into the water and over time observed any changes.

Taha: At first, we could see that the stem was changing colour.

Reina: By the end of the week, the food colouring had moved all the way up the stem and had started to change the colour of the petals.

Acting out a Christian baptism service

Year 3 visit Immaculate heart of Mary Church.

3M make tourist commercials for visiting the Grand Canyon...

Shared Writing 


This morning, year 3 completed a shared write in their English lesson. They are writing non-chronological reports about Capybaras. 





Today, we had a visit from a local dentist. She shared with us lots of important information and fun facts about our teeth. We learnt about how to correctly brush our teeth and understood how a healthy diet can help to keep our teeth and gums healthy. It was interesting to find out how much sugar is in some of the foods we eat each day. 

We hope that this visit will help the children make healthy choices in the future.

Did you know? - You do not have to pay for NHS dental services if you're: under 18, or under 19 and in full-time education.


Show & Tell


This week, children in year 3 brought to school their favourite books and talked about them in class. These books included fiction stories, non-fiction texts about different types of homes, instruction texts about how to find a garden fairy and even books created by the children themselves. This week Namir 3D decided to create his our comic for a friend in his class. We hope you enjoy it too. 



Diwali Display

Remembrance Day

Year 3 Stone Age Books

Living in the Stone Age 


Through the use of historical enquiry, the children have studied significant events during the Stone Age and compared their living conditions to how we live today.  In English, we have written a Stone Age story based on a child getting shown around a Stone Age camp.  The children also studied a non-fiction text on Skara Brae and created persuasive leaflets, encouraging tourists to visit.



In Maths we have be recapping our place value facts. One of our activities involved representing a three-digit number using a range of resources. Take a look below! I wonder if you could create some more at home and bring them in to show your teachers.

Representing three-digit numbers using a range of resources.

Brilliant Britain

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