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Multiplication Tables Check

MTC check 

Why are times table important?

Maths is a big subject and we appreciate there’s more to it than times tables and there’s more to times tables than learning them off by heart. However, a lot of the rich, interesting maths is all about the multiplicative relationships and these are hard to fully grasp without fluent recall of the tables. For that reason, learning the tables is fundamental – they are a key facilitator to the maths that sits on top. Every child in Year 4 will have weekly practice in school and has a login to access 'Times Tables Rockstars' at home and at school.


In addition, not only does arithmetic skill help ease the transition into adult life, but it can bolster one’s talent in other important subjects like science.

  • Creating familiarity with times tables in the pivotal early stages of a child’s academic life will prevent maths from becoming a hated subject for them in future.

  • A good knowledge of multiplication can give children a sense of independence and teach them to think on their own by reducing over-reliance on technology. It can be considered a form of daily mental training that can considerably improve cognitive functions, boosting your child’s brain power to help them achieve goals and foster long term self-confidence.

  • Finally, having a secure grasp of the basics of maths, including the fluent recall of times tables, is crucial for children’s success in moving on to more complex maths.


What is the expectation for your child?

All children are expected to know their times table by the end of Year 4. To be specific, this means being able to answer each multiplication question to 12x12 in under 6 seconds. At the end of Year 4, each child will complete the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) to check their knowledge of this vital facts (more information on this below).


What is the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether year 4 pupils can fluently recall their multiplication tables andare meeting the expected standard for their year group before moving to Upper Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and Year 6)


‘By the end of year 4, pupils should have memorised their multiplication tables up to and including the 12 multiplication table and show precision and fluency in their work’.


It also allows teachers to identify children who may need additional support, so they can access the demands of the Y5 and Y6 maths curriculum with success.


Please read the attached documents to find out even more information. 

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