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At Minet Junior School we aim to provide a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all of our pupils to thrive and flourish in competitive sport and other physically demanding activities within a safe environment.

We provide the children with a well-rounded programme of physical activities focusing on the FUNdamentals, where students can build on their knowledge and skills of a range of sports including football, cricket, hockey, gymnastics, dance and athletics.

We have a well-established extra-curricular program to further this development such as lunch time and after school clubs, house competitions and the weekly mile. We also have our annual sports day where parents are invited to watch their children compete in various track and field events.

Through our physical education we look to promote students’ overall well-being. The school encourages children to make healthy choices and live an active lifestyle.












In addition to this, year groups 4 – 6 are given the opportunity to attend swimming lessons at our local swimming pool, Botwell Leisure Centre. During these lessons, your child is taught essential water safety skills that will ensure they have the knowledge and capability to perform a safe self-rescue. The strokes that are taught will develop efficient techniques that enable pupils to swim from one place to another. 

There are three main outcomes that are taught across the three year period, develop on each stage annually.

KS2 Outcome 1: Distance Swimming

Children will learn how to swim unaided for 25 metres. Using recognised arm and leg movements, competently, confidently and consistently.

KS2 Outcome 2: Stroke Technique

Children will learn how to swim 10 m  on three of the following strokes:

  • Front paddle/crawl
  • Backstroke
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly leg kick

KS2 Outcome 3

Children are taught the most important skills needed for water safety and confidence.

  • Entries & Water Confidence
  • Flotation and Rotation
  • Treading Water
  • Water Safety Skills
  • Exiting the water

Swimming should not just be seen as an extra lesson, but an opportunity for children to develop their fitness in a fun engaging way,  no matter their swimming ability.

Minet Swimming Gala

This year the children (Yr4-6) will be participating in a school Swimming Gala, competing against the Houses.

Each year group will be split into their house team; each house will have a boys and girls team for each year. Each team will consist of three competitors, one to swim breaststroke, one to swim backstroke, and one for the front crawl. These children will then combine to create a relay team.

Year 4 Boys (example)

Front Crawl




Brunel                   Boys:

Chd A

Chd B

Chd C

Chd A,B,C

Nightingale            Boys:                            

Chd D

Chd E

Chd F

Chd D,E,F

Newton                 Boys:

Chd G

Chd H

Chd I

Chd G,H,I

Shakespeare           Boys:

Chd J

Chd K

Chd L

Chd J,K,L


After each race, the points will be added to a scoreboard. Once all races from each year group have been completed. The scored will be collated and the winning house will receive a Swimming Gala Trophy, which will be displayed in the School’s Trophy Cabinet.

I wonder which House will have what it takes to be named the first winners for the Minet Swimming Gala?!

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