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Please attempt to complete each challenge as best you can. All of our challenges have been designed to be able to be completed at home or outdoor space. Feel free to adapt or change any of the challenges to suit your needs. Always attempt to beat your top score/personal best score if you feel like you can. Be creative with the equipment you use and make sure the following SAFE principles are followed. If there are any elements of the challenges you are not sure about for example what a burpee looks like simply google the word and you should be able to find an example.
S = Make sure it is SAFE to complete (be aware of your surroundings).
A = ADAPT the challenges to ensure they are appropriate for you.
F = Make the challenges FUN!
E = ENGAGE with other members your family to complete the challenges.

YEAR 3 Morning challenge Simplify (-) / Progress (+) Afternoon challenge Simplify (-) / Progress (+)
MONDAY How many times can you
kick a ball or rolled up
pair of socks into a
target in one minute?
-= Move closer to the
target or make the target
+ = Move further away
from the target or make
the target smaller
++ = Use alternate feet to
kick the ball
Perform a plank balance for 30
Make sure your body is flat and
not touching the ground.
Search plank position in google.
-=Reduce the time to 20 seconds
and/or place one knee on the
+ = Extend the time to 40 seconds
TUESDAY How many times in one
minute can you run to
an object and back that
is placed 5-10 meters
-= Shorten the distance
+ = Can you run
backwards or sideways
when completing the
How far can you jump when
completing a standing long
jump (2 feet to 2 feet)?
Complete the same for 1,2,3,4
& 5 jumps in a row.
-= Allow a short run up before
+ = Complete the standing long
jump on one foot and land on the
same foot
WEDNESDAY How many times can
you throw and catch a
ball/socks with the
same hand in one
minute. The object
must be thrown above
your head.
Don’t forget to switch
hands and try with both
-= Throw with one hand
but catch with two.
+ = Stand on one leg
when throwing and
++ = Spin around in a
circle before catching one
Can you create a short
gymnastics sequence which
includes 1 jump, 1 roll, 1
Don’t forget to link the
elements together and present
(boys one hand up and girls
both hands up) at the start
and finish of the sequence.
-= Include any three gymnastics
elements you know. E.g. 3 jumps,
3 rolls etc.
+ = Add in additional elements up
to 6 in total.
THURSDAY How many times can
you perform a one foot
to one foot (the same
foot) jump over a
line/object in 45
-= Remove the line/object
+ = Make the object
higher and extend the
amount of time.
Object run. Using 5 different
objects in your house
complete a shuttle run back
and forth to 5 different lines
placing an object on each
line/marker as you go e.g. 1m,
2m, 3m, 4m & 5m. Once they
are all out bring them all back
one at a time to the start line.
Time how long it takes you to
-= Use less objects
+ = Complete a different
movement each time you place an
object on a line/marker e.g hop,
skip, jump, sidestep, go
backwards etc.
FRIDAY Using your body to
create shapes of letters
can you spell a simple
3-4 letter word?
-= Create 3-4 different
letters without spelling a
+ = Increase the letters to
spell a longer word.
Choose your favourite song at the
moment and create a dance from
the start to finish. Try to
demonstrate the story of the song
in your dance.


YEAR 3 Morning challenge Simplify ( (--) /
progress (+)
Simplify ( (--) /
progress (+)
MONDAY Using a pair of rolled up socks
or a ball, can you throw the
object into 3 different targets
that have different distances?
(--) Just use 1 target instead of
multiple targets.
(+) Try using overarm
How many star jumps can you
do in 45 seconds?
(--) Reduce the time to 30
(+) Increase the time to a
TUESDAY Can you balance on one leg
whilst leaning forward?
Can you do this for 45
(--) Use a chair or cabinet to
hold on to with one hand to
steady yourself.
(+) Can you hold your ankle
whilst leaning forward with
one leg straight?
Can you balance on one leg and
pick up an object off the floor,
hop to another object and pick
up the object whilst balancing?
Can you pick up 5 objects whilst
(--) Reduce the number of objects
to 3 objects.
(+) Can you put a time restriction
on the exercise? Try picking 5
objects up whilst balancing in 1
Plastic bottle half
filled with water.
Complete 3 star jumps, then
try 1 bottle flip, every time
you land the bottle upright
you earn 5 points.
How many points can you get
in 1 minute?
(--) 3 star jumps = 3 bottle flips.
(+) 5 squat jumps= 1 bottle flip.
Using 6 plastic cups, can you
stack the cups as follows:
3 at the bottom, 2 on top, 1 on
How quickly can you do this
sequence? Try and beat your
previous score.
(--) Start with doing 2 on the
bottom and 1 on top (3 cups).
(+) Can you extend the
sequence to using 10 plastic
cups and producing the
sequence: 4 on the bottom,
then 3 on top, then 2 on top,
then 1 on top?
THURSDAY Using 5 toilet rolls which are
stacked, using your feet only,
can you restack them in a new
Remember using your feet only.
How quick can you do this?
(--) Use less amount of toilet
(+) Try having either one or
no hands touching the floor
whilst stacking.
With an adult or sibling, using a
tea towel and a ball/rolled up pair
of socks. How many times can you
flip the ball up in the air
continuously using the tea towel?
How many in a minute?
(--) Use a pillowcase or a
(+) Can you do this whilst
FRIDAY Can you hold a side plank for 30
Make sure your legs are together
and your body is straight, other
arm pointing to the sky.
Alternate sides.
(--) Hold the plank on your
(+) Hold the plank in a star
Using 4/5 boxes or blocks, place
each box in a different place and
collect one at a time, place on
top of each other to create a
tower. How quickly can you do
(--) Reduce the distance to
(+) Make an obstacle to jump
over (cushion) or crawl under
(chair) that is between the start
and finish line.


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