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Year 4

On Thursday 24th January, Year 4 pupils went to Ufton Court in Reading, to learn more about their history topic the Impact of the Roman Empire on Britain. Pupils took part in a range of exciting ‘hands on’ activities, which enabled them to learn more about the Romans in a fun and practical way. The day consisted of three activities:


  • Military Manoeuvres
  • Roman Skills
  • Roman Games

During the 'Military Manoeuvres' task, pupils learned about the Roman army - how they trained hard and became the largest and meanest fighting force in the ancient world. Pupils learned about the different army formations:

  • The Wedge – a triangular formation, with the ‘tip’ used to crack open enemy lines;
  • The Tortoise (Testudo – a strong tight formation used for protecting soldiers from flying arrows and bricks);
  • The Orb – a defensive position in the shape of a circle used to protect officers or leaders.

Pupils even took part in a mini battle afterwards!

Other activities enabled pupils to find out more about Roman skills such as weaving, looming and building, as well as enjoying Roman pass times with a range of indoor and outdoor games. In class, pupils have been writing recounts of their experience at Ufton Court and are applying their learning in literacy by writing a diary entry of 'A day in the life of a Roman soldier'.

Pupils thoroughly enjoyed this invaluable experience, whilst gaining a good knowledge and understanding of some aspects of the Romans topic.




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