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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Useful Information 

Come and see what we have

been learning about in Year 4!



The children have really enjoyed their recent art lessons with Mrs Saunders. They have been creating African themed pictures using a range of different materials. Have a look.



We have written some fantastic poems about the Environment in English recently. Take a look at them. 



In our Science lesson on Electricity, we have been learning all about the different component of an electrical circuit and making our own electrical circuit. 

Look at our pictures of our electrical circuits.

Roman Day!!!


The Romans have invaded!!


Year 4 had a wonderful Roman Day recently. The children made a fantastic effort with their costumes. We had gladiators and soldiers to emperors and empresses.

The children took part in four different activities throughout the day. First, they worked hard to make their own Roman shield.

Then, the children became code breakers and cracked different codes using their knowledge of Roman numerals.

In the afternoon, the children learnt about and designed their own mosaic pattern. And in the final event of the day, the children learnt the famous Roman battle formations. Children then went out onto the playground and practised them using the shields they made earlier in the day.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their day as Romans. 


They came, they saw, they conquered.



We have been learning about perimeter in our recent Maths lessons. We worked out what perimeter each animal enclosure needed to be. 

Look at our Roman pots made from clay!



We have been learning about the digestive system in our Science lessons. We have discovered the different parts and what each part does. We then worked in groups to create the digestive system process using materials to represent the different parts of the digestive system. 

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