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Year 5

Year 5’s Viking Day!

On Thursday 26th November, Year 5 had an exciting Viking Day.

Everyone dressed up as Viking warriors and all our activities for the day were linked to the Vikings. The children learnt about the famous Viking Raid on Lindisfarne – where the Vikings crossed from Scandinavia to Northumberland and stole many riches from the monasteries. This left the monks at the mercy of the ruthless Viking warriors! The children looked at a variety of both primary and secondary sources to discover what happened.

In Geography, the children learnt about the physical and human features of Scandinavia and made comparisons with areas of the United Kingdom. The children made colourful shields using a variety of materials and also explored Viking names.   

During the day, we also learnt about the ‘Viking Runes’ and wrote messages to each other using the runic alphabet.




Following on from our Viking Day, Year 5 are now very keen to delve even deeper into this fascinating period of British history.

5B all made Viking shields. They also learned a game played by Viking boys to prepare them for being great warriors. The game was called sword pulling and was great fun.  

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