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P4C Silver

We are excited to let you know that the school achieved the P4C (Philosophy for Children) Silver Award. P4C is a powerful approach that encourages children to explore philosophical questions, engage in deep discussions and develop their reasoning skills. Through P4C, our children will learn to think critically, express their opinions and listen to others with respect. This enriching practice not only enhances their academic abilities but also nurtures their social and emotional growth. We are proud to provide our children with the opportunity to engage in meaningful philosophical inquiries that empower them to become thoughtful and compassionate individuals.

The assessor noted that the school has clearly been working hard to embed P4C. They also commented, “there were lovely examples of P4C exercises taking place and the P4C Floor Books were fabulous. The audio recording submitted and the multiple enquiry transcripts, showed some really skillful facilitation and some very thoughtful responses from the children.”

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