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Y6 Junior Citizen

On Wednesday 15th March 2023 the children in Year 6 travelled to Brunel University to take part in 'Junior Citizen': an event run by the borough to teach life skills. 

The children made their way around 8 different workshops:

  • NHS - the dangers of drugs and how they can be found in household items and misused
  • Road Safety - the importance of knowing how and where to cross the road as well as safety within the car, such as wearing a seatbelt 
  • Bike Safety - the children were shown road signs and learnt parts of a bike 
  • TFL - Shown how to use buses and trains, where to stand and who to look for if they need help
  • RNLI - Water safety in and around Hillingdon including the types of water in the area 
  • Fire Department - taught what to do in a fire: stay low, scream FIRE and don't return to the building
  • Knife crime - the police spoke to the children about gangs and knife crime in the area 
  • Cyber safety - the children watched an interactive video showing the importance of only adding people they know on social media 

The children had a great morning and came away more prepared for life after Minet Junior School.

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