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Year 4 Climate Change Workshop

For the second consecutive year, we were joined by The Big Wheel Theatre Company led by the magnificent George and the amazing Professor Emily, who performed “The Pollution Solution”. This performance demonstrated the damaging effects that greenhouse gases cause to our ozone layer. It also showed us that the choices we make - from littering to our mode of transportation - can impact our environment and other living things around us, since we all depend on one another. In the end, we learnt that we can be the change, and it simply starts by taking care of our local area.


“In the climate change workshop, we learnt how greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour have ruined the earth and can cause harm to our lungs and mental health.”  - Azaan, 4T


“We learnt that lots of things can cause climate change like cutting down trees or releasing gases into air, even when cows fart!” – Sidra, 4T


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